A long-weekend reading list

It's shaping up as a good weekend to stay inside and read -- Monday off for many of us, extreme winter weather forecast for much of the U.S. -- or knock off a few likely Oscar contenders like Killers of the Flower Moon, which hit Apple TV+ today. I do recommend the book, although unfortunately it and every other David Grann volume are currently sold out, but you can pick up some shorter-form Grann in the Best American Crime Writing volumes...and those and all other compendia are 15% off for the next 10 days.

I'll be head down in an absolute unit of a presidential-race memoir from the mid-'70s, but for reading more specific to the man the long weekend celebrates, click here for new and secondhand accounts of Martin Luther King Jr.'s murder and the ensuing manhunt, or, on the nemesis side, here to read more about J. Edgar Hoover's purposefully racist bungling (not that some of these accounts would put it that way, of course).

And if you still haven't gotten around to Baldwin's The Evidence of Things Not Seen, no time like the present, truly.

The shop does have a "racial justice" tag, but to tell you God's honest, it's hard to know when to use it, because it can seem to apply to so many of the criminal-justice stories on my shelves. Like, a majority of them, even (or especially) the ones that don't realize it. The crossover with the "wrongful convictions" tag is...not even shocking to me, anymore. 

But if, while browsing those tags or any others, you're not finding a title you'd hoped to, don't forget that books come and go all the time -- and that I can track down or special-order you what you need, or recommend things you might also dig. 

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