updated 7/31/21


I'd love to come see you in person; when are you opening?
I'm shooting for September of this year. Still waiting on some paperwork from the state, and to see what the delta variant is going to do to in-person gatherings.

You can still arrange to visit the shop in the interim, though! Drop me a line at exhibitbbooks@gmail.com to make an appointment/see if I'm over there.



I found [item] for cheaper on eBay. Why shouldn't I buy that one instead?
You totally should! ...You live in the world, so I'm sure you get this, but on some items, I can't offer the rock-bottom prices larger outfits can. On other items, I'm well under market, and on still others, I'm selling it at a loss; it really just depends. 

But if you see a better deal elsewhere, hey, get after it. I'm not going to take it personally. (And if a price point looks like I mistyped it during processing, definitely let me know. That well-loved Dead By Sunset is probably not $200.)

I came looking for [genre classic] but it's not here!
Vagaries of stock, my friend. If it's a Mt. Rushmore book like Helter Skelter or Small Sacrifices, it'll be back eventually...and I'm happy to track one down for you sooner, no extra charge and no obligation to purchase. Email me.


My order came in an Amazon box with newspapers from...Kansas City?
I try to re-use packaging and packing materials where I can; it's less wasteful.

Got a Q you don't see answered here? exhibitbbooks@gmail.com or DM me on one of the shop's socials (@ExhibitBBooks on Twitter and Instagram).