updated 3/19/23


Do you have a physical shop?
The store is primarily online at the moment. If you'd like to come and browse in person, you'll need an appointment; exhibitbbooks at gmail dot com to contact me about that.



I found [item] for cheaper on eBay. Why shouldn't I buy that one instead?
You totally should! ...You live in the world, so I'm sure you get this, but on some items, I can't offer the rock-bottom prices larger outfits can. On other items, I'm well under market, and on still others, I'm selling it at a loss; it really just depends. 

But if you see a better deal elsewhere, hey, get after it! I'm not going to take it personally. (And if a price point looks like I mistyped it during processing, definitely let me know. That well-loved Dead By Sunset is probably not $200.)

I came looking for [genre classic] but it's not here!
Vagaries of stock, my friend. If it's a Mt. Rushmore book like Helter Skelter or Small Sacrifices, it'll be back eventually...and I'm happy to track one down for you sooner, no extra charge and no obligation to purchase. Email me.

I came looking for [new genre release] but IT'S not here!
Because Exhibit B. is registered as a secondhand shop, I can only carry so much non-previously-owned inventory -- so my brand-new stock selection is sometimes "boutique." Happy to order what you need, though! Hit the chat button or email me.

Can you special-order me non-genre books/textbooks?
No; I'm sorry. True crime only for special orders -- only so many hours in the day and all that.


How long will Media Mail really take?
I wish I could predict that, but I really can't. Orders have taken 2 days to get to California and 2 weeks to get to Queens; my advice, if you can afford to take it, is to use a non-USPS carrier if you're on a deadline (i.e., the holidays), for larger/heavier orders, and especially for rarities.

Ooh, actually I ordered a rarity; should I upgrade my shipping to be safe?
If you'd like to insure (literally and figuratively) that it gets to you or you'll be compensated, yes, you should. Here again is an instance when you may want to go with a non-government carrier. I can tell you that I pack all orders in order to protect them from the elements, delivery guys drop-kicking boxes up onto y'all's porches, etc. -- but ain't a lot I can do to protect your investment after it leaves the shop. (And here again, if you want to talk this through, call or email me.)

My order came in an Amazon box with newspapers from...Kansas City?
I try to re-use packaging and packing materials where I can; it's less wasteful.

Got a Q you don't see answered here? exhibitbbooks@gmail.com or DM me on one of the shop's socials (@ExhibitBBooks on Twitter and Instagram), or use the chat function (lower righthand corner on your screen, usually).