So long, Charley

I've had an interesting week, sales-wise -- multiple Murder Ones ("Murders One"?) out the door, multiple two-buck chucks and down-at-heel PBs I'd been dusting and reshelving without much hope since the store's earliest days -- capped by the departure of The Father's Story of Charley Ross, the Kidnapped Child.

"[C]ontaining a Full and Complete Account of the Abduction of Charles Brewster Ross" and his brother. Copyright 1876, so evidently this is a first edition of this account of a very famous case (which reached a conclusion, of sorts, not far from where I'm typing this).

It's a case everyone knew in the 19th century and almost nobody knows now, so even though this copy is much older than most of my stock, a stiff multi-fonted beauty that is in itself decor, I thought it might never sell -- that, much like Charley himself, nobody would ever find it.

Wrapping it up, I felt a little pang like I always do when a book with "years in" in inventory goes on its way. I'll miss the old fellow, but I like knowing someone is out there waiting for him. 

Old love (#oldiesbutgoodies), new love (#hotoffthepress), and lots more tags on sale for the next week or so -- but if your problem is lost love (can't find a first edition or OOP tome from your past), I can probably help. Every book has his lap.


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