The Edgars, the TBR, and completism

My esteemed colleague Susan Howard let me know that the latest round of Edgar Awards nominations is out -- and secondarily that I'd forgotten to mention that aspect of Edgar Allan Poe's relevance to the genre in my last entry. Susan's going to write up all the latest Best Fact Crime nominees for us over at Best Evidence, and as always, I'm interested to hear what she thinks of each nominee, and about what should/will win.

The list looks about right to me; the only real surprise is the Glatt, and even that is more of a mild brow-lifter, it being Glatt, who's written an absolute ton in the genre, and about a case everyone was talking about last year.

I have that and one other 2024 nominee in stock as of this writing -- but one of my projects at the end of last year was to enter every single Best Fact Crime nominee on that list into the shop inventory database, just so that I wouldn't miss tagging any future arrivals. I don't have every nominee, alas, but I do have a bunch, and you might find some surprises in stock.

And speaking of awards, 'tis the season for an "as seen on TV" and "as seen in film" sale! If a book got made into a movie or miniseries (or a magazine wrote about a true-crime production), it's on sale until early February. In the market for one of my (weirdly) many DiCaprio-adjacent properties? Grab it now and save.

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