The last minute: a love story

Don't panic, folks. It really is the thought that counts. know, sometimes you don't have ANY thoughts until the solstice, and then you start spinning out. Been there!

Good news, though! 

  1. If you order today (12/22 as I write this), you have pretty good odds as far as your purchases arriving on time, at least in the 48 contiguous.
  2. Even if you wait until tomorrow, I can still get things out the door -- not on a budget, granted, but you do still have options!
  3. Your safest on-time option, obvs, is a gift card, which will show up instantly AND is 12% off! You spend $88; you GET $100; and you're done. Won't even have to wrap it. 

    And finally, just a reminder that

  4. If a g.c. doesn't feel special, or you want a more bespoke gift experience but don't know where to start, this is what I do/am here for. No extra charge; it's not "bothering" me; if you have a curated box but you think it's too late, it isn't! I mean, kiiiiind of it is, but we can work together to create an IOU or a personalized subscription gift, and I'll build it to ship ASAP. 

That last item is true year-round, btw, so even if you just want a subscription box for yourself and want to pick my brain, g'head: exhibitbbooks at gmail, or just hit the chat button. (Want to call/text instead? 732-314-1034.)

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