The "Popular Crime" 100

Recently, my esteemed colleague Elon Green (yes, "that one") suggested I gather/tag all the books in inventory that appear at the back of Bill James's Popular Crime. It took a couple weeks, but that list is now complete. Well: "complete" in the sense that every single book on that list is in my system, but may not be in stock just at the minute...a lot of them have come in, then gone right back out again. 

I was surprised at just how many of them were already clattering around in the inventory database already; I was also surprised at how long it took for a copy of Villaseñor's Jury to come my way, although given how well James speaks of the book, I suppose it stands to reason that people hold on to their copies. The case Jury addresses, the hideously productive serial murders committed by Juan Corona, has fallen below the horizon -- I discussed it on The Docket earlier this year, but I still don't think we quite sewed up why that is, and Jury may well stand alone as far as longform coverage of the case.

...Spoke too soon! There's also a book by Ed Cray about the Corona case. As for the Villaseñor version, it's relatively hard to find (and this particular edition, inappropriate though I find the color palette, is particularly seldom seen), so 1) I've tagged it as a rarity, 2) which means it's on sale through Boxing Day. - SDB

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