"Vanity Fair": another origin story

I noted a few weeks back the large role Bloodletters & Badmen played in my interest in true crime; it wasn't alone. That doorstop, famous original Unsolved Mysteries, and 1980s Vanity Fair, which seemed to have at least one gossipy Hydra of a case in each issue, and tons of pictures too.

I don't have any Capote-adjacent mags in stock as I write this, although I'm hoping some mid-sixties Esquires (not the one that got him in hot water in 1975, mind you; others that fact-check In Cold Blood) come in over the next week. I do have lots of other mags, from the 1950s through the 2020s -- and I'm always able to help find OOP glossies, or really anything else. (Looking for pre-FEUD reading recs? I wrote up a guide earlier this week.)

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