Welcome to Exhibit B.!

Hey there! Welcome to the shop. I'm Sarah D. Bunting, chief cook and bottle-washer at Exhibit B. Also the...only cook and bottle-washer, at the moment? Hee.

Exhibit B. is a specialty store focusing on true-crime books and ephemera. I do have a bricks-and-mortar space, but until we're a bit closer to herd immunity, most of what the shop does will happen here in the virtual arena. (Not least because the shop is a teeny little thing in which social-distancing protocols would only allow me and, like, 1.5 customers.) That includes stuff like author events, which I can't wait to host, on Zoom or in person (like, literally one person, singular...did I mention the shop is tiny?) (I'm joking! all three of you can come!); and themed "installations" by friends of the shop. 

For the moment, I'm focused on getting the teetering ziggurat of inventory into the system and in front of your eyeballs; and continuing to fill out the shelves with genre classics, mid-century oddities, and recent best-sellers. Drop a bookmark or get on the Exhibit B. mailing list* to stay up to date, or follow the shop on Insta and Twitter, @exhibitbbooks in both places. 

"You're not one of those pesty outfits that sends an email every 2 hours, are you?" God, no. We're talking once a week. You will get sweet discount codes nobody else does, though.

Looking for something I don't have in stock? Need help tracking down a first edition? Stuck for a gift -- or on how to get rid of your nana's three groaning shelves of Ann Rule? Email me -- exhibitbbooks@gmail.com -- or send a DM. I'm happy to help.

Thanks for coming by! Now let's find you something to read. -- SDB

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